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Discharge + Anti-Pasti + Mick O'Toole - 100 Club 12/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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Discharge + Anti-Pasti + Mick O'Toole - 100 Club 12/1/16 [Jan. 14th, 2016|01:48 pm]
John Marshall

Before tonight's gig I didn't feel up for doing much felt tired and still saddened by the death of Bowie which affected me a lot more than I ever could have imagined. Still playing his music all day. Of course I was never gonna blow this one out I was looking forward to it and really a trip to 100 club when on a low is the best tonic especially these bands I mean if Discharge can't blow away the cobwebs then there's no hope!

First up was band from Swindon, Mick O'Toole. I First thought it'd be a bloke rather than a band with a name like that. I thought these were pretty decent on a bill of 2 classic punk bands but playing folk punk stuff and doing a decent job of it. It was the usual Irish stuff Pogues influenced but with a bit of a west country feel to it. worked well for me anyway. There was a fast version of Dirty Old town in there which down especially well with the crowd.

Anti-Pasti up next who haven't played 100 club since 1982 I believe. There was now a huge crowd in the place so good to see this on a Tuesday night just like the old days and just how it should be!! A band certainly not stuck in the past and one that doesn't forget it either as they deliver a set of songs old and new kicking off with the classic Ain't Got Me. The new material was sounding strong tonight too still no idea when this album is coming out but certainly gonna be a strong one going by these songs. A bloke gave singer Gez a rubber wristband which Gez put on he then said he hoped it wasn't some Nazi band as they launched into the excellent Freedom First. It's good to see the current line up of Anti-Pasti getting the response they deserved tonight they're one of the most buzzing energetic bands around at the moment and bringing their sound forward in all the right ways. For the finale then were their best known songs starting with Another Dead Soldier where Gez joined the crowd getting people to sing along and then No Government to end things inevitably getting a huge reaction. Well it is one of the best punk songs of all time.

Not sure when the last time Discharge played at the 100 club was but I keep hearing of a legendary gig they did here when I was too young to attend. I first saw Discharge at their worst at the Clarendon during the Grave New World tour. Now with 3 members from the original line up here they are at the 100 club and sounding how they should do. Loud, brutal, gritty and fucking amazing. From the start the crowd went bonkers although on the opposite side of the venue to usual which threw me a bit, also a few others it seems who didn't notice who tried to mosh in the usual spot and complained no one was joining them! (look to yer left!!). Again Discharge are not a band who are content on the past and nostalgia. Singer JJ kept pointing this out saying how punk is alive now and to look at what is happening now rather than just looking back they have new songs and a new album due too. The songs from it tonight sounded superb. Of course the old classics were also there but these issues haven't gone away and if anything have got worse so still sounding relevant as ever classics such as State Violence State Control and Fight Back. There were a couple of moments dedicated to our fallen heroes too as a song was dedicated to Lemmy whom without I can't imagine how Discharge would have sounded! Also guitarist Bones played the classic riff to Ziggy Stardust which was an amazing touch I thought! so this wall of noise was brought to a temporary halt after my favourite song of theirs Decontrol which got many singing along to, there wasn't much point in leaving the stage this crowd wasn't going anywhere so a couple of encores were played which kicked off with the immense The Possibility of Life's Destruction. So any talk of a classic Discharge gig at the 100 club I'm more than satisfied to refer to this one.