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GBH + Louise Distras + Borrowed Time - 100 Club 7/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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GBH + Louise Distras + Borrowed Time - 100 Club 7/1/16 [Jan. 8th, 2016|05:38 pm]
John Marshall

I never hide the fact how much I love this venue I bang on about it everytime I do a review of the place and I'm not ashamed! I also love GBH who I last saw play here in 1986. There I was a drunk 16 year old buzzing with enthusiasm for one of the greatest punk bands there is. Now 30 years later here I am at 45 still heading to the 100 club with the enthusiasm I've always had. Yes I've been back here many times since and so have GBH and I have of course seen them elsewhere but tonight we both find ourselves on this sacred ground. I cannot explain but tonight felt special from the moment I set eyes on the flyer knowing I shall again be going to a GBH gig at the 100 Club.

first up was a band new to me Borrowed Time. An excellent set from this lot. Straight down the line good old fashioned punk rock with a singer who didn't keep still for a moment whether it was climbing on the amps or rolling on the floor or jumping in the crowd to greet the rising crowd as the set progressed it was fun to watch and I even got a huge sloppy kiss on the cheek from him as well as a sweaty cuddle. I always like to see stuff I've not heard before and loved this set. Quite melodic but a fair bit of punk aggression in there and a good dose of fun. One song was said to be about men tying up women but the singer confessed after it was meant to be women tying up men but either way this set was thoroughly entertaining.

Louise Distras I last saw here as part of last years Resolution festival supporting UK Subs. Was great to see her back this time she was alone but still she does what she does so well her and her acoustic guitar yelling out strong messages in these well crafted songs. So much energy and power in her voice especially the parts where she really lets rip. She spoke of hope that punk London will inspire more young bands to form and for people to pick up guitars. That of course would be a good thing and good to see these Resolution festival gigs at the 100 club a good mix of old and new bands proving how strong punk rock is in 2016 and looking at this crowd on a Thursday night it was more than thriving here at the 100 club tonight.

So then GBH took to the stage, I thought to myself it would prob be a quiet one as it's a Thursday night and there wouldn't be much action down the front. I myself decided I would stay to the side of the stage and watch as whatever happens this band would perform. So perform they did and they played with sheer intensity sounded as brilliant just as they did 30 years ago. Certainly one of the most consistent tightest punk bands out there as they let rip through their classic Leather Bristles Studs and Acne Mini LP. Of course my plans to be a lazy old git soon changed as they belted out the classic Generals. No fucking way was I gonna stand there for that and my dancing boots marched to the centre to throw myself into the mass of sweaty bodies just as that 16 year old kid used to do all those years ago! they continued to rip through the classics with songs such as No Survivors and the the bsides Self Destruct and the very pc Big Women! Sick Boy was amongst the many highlights tonight sending the already energetic crowd into a sheer frenzy as did the immortal Give Me Fire the first GBH song I ever heard and got me hooked to this amazing band. The band and the venue both living up to expectations tonight then as this solid set blew my mind. A couple of special guests onstage too with The drummer from the Bronx up there to drum for Diplomatic Immunity and later fellow brummie the main man from Dread Messiah giving it all for I feel Alright even if he didn't have his balls out! An encore featuring 2 classics from the City Baby Attacked by Rats album Time Bomb & Maniac should've ended the night but there was one more in the form of a brand new song called Momentum which sounded bloody great proving the band still have it in 'em not only to play stunning gigs but to come up with more fantastic material.