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And I admit we had some memorable days

but just not very many

John Marshall
25 April
++money can't buy music, 14 iced bears, adam & the ants, alien sex fiend, amebix, amen, anti sect, antony & the johnsons, arsenal, ash, ballboy, bauhaus, belle and sebastian, blitz, blur, boo radleys, british sea power, britney spears, broadcast, camera obscura, catherine wheel, chapterhouse, cinerama, clinic, clockwork orange, conflict, cranes, crass, cud, d.i.r.t, darren hayman, david bowie, death in june, depeche mode, der blutharsch, discharge, divine comedy, echo & the bunnymen, electrelane, eminem, exit stance, field mice, flaming lips, flux of pink indians, gallon drunk, gemma hayes, gene, gentle waves, giant drag, groundhog day, heavenly, hefner, human league, icons of filth, interpol, iron maiden, james, jesus & mary chain, joy division, killing joke, kitchens of distinction, kraftwerk, legendary pink dots, lush, malcolm middleton, manic street preachers, march violets, mercury rev, mighty lemon drops, miranda sex garden, mogwai, morrissey, my bloody valentine, new order, ooberman, ordo rosarius equilibrio, pale saints, patrick duff, planet of the apes, play dead, primal scream, psychic tv, pulp, pulp fiction, rialto, ride, saint etienne, salad, see see rider, sex gang children, slayer, sleeper, sonic youth, spacemen 3, spearmint, spiritualized, star wars, strangelove, subcircus, subhumans, suede, super furry animals, talulah gosh, tear garden, television personalities, the charlatans, the coral, the fall, the hepburns, the kinks, the league of gentlemen, the mob, the music, the raveonettes, the shop assistants, the siddeleys, the smiths, the sundays, the verve, the wedding present, the who, theatre of hate, throbbing gristle, trail of dead, wire