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The Outcasts + The Splash + Birdsong - 100 Club 14/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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The Outcasts + The Splash + Birdsong - 100 Club 14/1/16 [Jan. 15th, 2016|02:27 pm]
John Marshall

So the final night of Resolution festival for 2016. The Outcasts played a stunning set here in 2014 so was good to see them back.

What's been good about these nights is there have been a few bands I'd not heard or seen before play so again tonight I had that privilege. First up were Birdsong.  Fucking brilliant stuff good and rowdy but not in the usual punk way they had a wall of blistering guitar remind me of early Idlewild in places. It's great having a band like this play with older punk bands as I usually see stuff in the similar vein with more Indie bands and I always thought given the right punk gig it'd go down well and tonight it did. So much depth in their sound amongst the anger as it dipped into slower dreamier parts. Seriously need to see this lot again.

So next up were The Splash. 2 of them have huge beards which worried me! the singer with a smaller but ginger beard! still not to fear these were top notch playing melodic hardcore style stuff and a great deal of fun about them. The banter between songs was the best of the last few nights saying they come from some place in the west country that no one had heard of and saying look we don't have webbed hands! They claimed not to be original or tried to be but just played the music they enjoyed and had a song about it which I think is what counts really in bands and these were ace at what they do.

So then time for The Outcasts. Quality set from this lot playing a good blend of punk rock from Self Conscious Over You to the rockabilly sounding 7 Deadly Sins(My personal favourite) and the slow but gritty Winter. Thoroughly entertaining throughout and the banter from these was ace too. singer Greg was wearing a Sid Vicious tshirt he said his wife had bought him but pointed at me saying "You look more like Sid Vicious than this does" and before "Another Teenage Rebel" he said he wont say the usual about this song but said it should be another Another Middle Aged Rebel and then questioned sarcastically by a member of the crowd "MIDDLE aged!??". Greg said it was a good crowd but not much dancing which there wasn't for a while but everyone was loving it still and a few bodies got moving especially for the classic "The Cops Are Coming". To end the set was a cover of Bowie's Suffragette City which they usually end their sets with but Greg joked they aint gonna do it tonight because he's dead! of course they did do it and in a week where it was a huge blow to me Bowie leaving us The Outcasts did a fucking wonderful tribute to the man with a quality version of this song which I always thought was one of the first punk sounding songs well before punk and this was demonstrated tonight. I seriously didn't know whether to smile or cry! simple brilliant.