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English Dogs + Sickpig + Not For You - 100 Club 13/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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English Dogs + Sickpig + Not For You - 100 Club 13/1/16 [Jan. 14th, 2016|03:16 pm]
John Marshall

So back again to 100 Club to see again the first band I ever saw Headline here, well a few line up changes since meaning none of the band playing tonight played that day but since they're reunited with the singer Wakey it's even better for me than it was back in 1985. Sadly this one was obvious from the start it wasn't gonna be as well attended as my previous 2 encounters this month. Such a good line up too.

Not For you were up first a band I'd not heard of before but they feature Nick who is also the guitarist(and sometimes singer) of English Dogs. A great band too and so much variation. They started off a bit rock n roll but then went to Clash style punk to proper fast stuff and there was even a ska one in there there was a top version of Bad Relgion's Do What You Want there too. I really enjoyed this set hopefully catch em again at somepoint.

Sickpig are one of my favourite bands of recent years. A band who definitely need more attention than what they got tonight but I'm sure the small crowd was impressed with what they saw. Singer Josh made sure he made the most of the long 100 club stage as he threw himself all over it as he belted out his raw angry vocals. Their music is thrashy and loud but still held together by some classic punk melodies. From start to finish this was an incredible set and the best I've heard them sound. Ending with the superb Death To Sickpigs this band put 100% in tonight and I for one was totally blown away.

English Dogs then Wakey making a joke about the low attendance tonight but it was never gonna stop them. No sign of a mosh pit just the odd person dancing including myself but still a fantastic gig. Wakey charismatic as ever doing some crazy dance moves and full of top banter including a part where some bearded man with a stetson and crutches was referred to as the ghost of Lemmy but he'd come back as a cripple! A good mix of old and new as usual and a quality version of my all time favourite Psycho Killer. Maybe not as lively as it was in 1985 crowd wise but the band performance totally blew that away. Another of my favourites World War II ending the set but a decent reaction from this crowd ensured there was a couple of encores.