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Anthrax + Flowers in The Dustbin + Shocks of Mighty + Dogshite - Silver Bullet - 9/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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Anthrax + Flowers in The Dustbin + Shocks of Mighty + Dogshite - Silver Bullet - 9/1/16 [Jan. 10th, 2016|04:59 pm]
John Marshall

So my second time at the Silver Bullet and a great cause this one all money raised is for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The bands all playing free of charge. A top line up too so was well excited about this one in many ways.

First up Dogshite. For one reason or another I've not seen these play for a while a few times they've pulled out or did gigs I couldn't get to so was glad to see them back Veg from Shocks of Mighty filled in on bass tonight he had his notes jotted down to the side of him but he did a fantastic job. Quite a short set though of this bouncey punk rock with a bit of ska thrown in which included their track on the 4 track ep on Anthrax's homegrown records Fuck Ya Rude Boy. Carmel is superb on vocals dancing away and full of energy infact she did the same down the front for all the other bands tonight too!

Shocks of Mighty up next and I always say it but this band just get better. A tight rowdy set full of old style punk rock with the feel of the clash and early Jam. Was good to see a bit of movement down the front too. The place was pretty packed and this lot were creating a fucking amazing vibe to say the least. The crowd didn't want them to stop and insisted on another even though they said it's all the songs they knew but they then belted out a brand new one as no one here was gonna take no for an answer. fantastic.

Flowers in The Dustbin next up. It's great to see these back gigging again I never really gave their music the fullest attention back in the day but now with a new album out I'm really taken by them. Hard to describe really a bit of a weird twist to their music but has an undercurrent of anarcho punk there still. Quite melodic too and the crowd here tonight certainly had their dancing shoes on and down the front again there was a fair bit of movement. Pagan uprising standing out amongst the highlights for me tonight quite a rowdy but catchy little ditty that one.

So Anthrax next headlining. Although I do love this venue the toilets are located right next to the stage and they stunk of detergent! I think I was getting high off the fumes. I thought anarcho gigs were supposed to stink of piss! anyway this and the fact Anthrax are fucking brilliant ensured I moved my so far lazy arse into the middle to dance! Many others did so too the place was going crazy. So much deserved as not only were these one of the best anarcho bands back in the 80s but have been making some of the strongest punk records of recent times. Proving this again and again with their latest offerings one after the other Beg Society & Dirty Bomb and also a brand new track thrown in the mix which sounded fantastic. Of course there was a few oldies in there such as the incredible They've Got it All Wrong and Capitalism Is Cannibalism. Ok perhaps a few forgotten lyrics and the odd false start but for me this is one of the finest sets I've seen them play to one of the best crowds. Another from their All For The Cause album ended the main set in sheer style the band giving it everything. This crowd was never gonna let it end there and demanded more which they were just about ready for. There was about half of Exploitation to which the drummer came to an early halt but to make up for this they played Introduction to War as their finale. Frontman Oskar asked if there were any requests but the rest of the band were done so with that I made a swift exit from the venue as to get home in time for the Lemmy funeral!