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Tigercats + Flowers + Chorusgirl - Winter Sprinter. Lexington 6/1/16 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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Tigercats + Flowers + Chorusgirl - Winter Sprinter. Lexington 6/1/16 [Jan. 7th, 2016|01:28 pm]
John Marshall

I hadn't made it to any of these Winter Sprinter gigs for the last couple of years even though there's been a few bands I wanted to see. Last year I opted to see punk gigs at the 100 club instead during the Resolution festival. This one I was umming and ahhing about for a while and even though Resolution is in full swing how could I resist this one opening with the delightful Chorusgirl.
Chorusgirl I'd seen the name about for a while but not heard them but getting through the post the annual selection box from tonight_we_fly the track from these on there No Moon is one that really stood out. Truth is I don't really try to discover new music anymore by putting on the radio or just taking a chance on some new release. Bands usually come to me when I see them support. So really I have to thank Mark for this in the absence of Peel he really did me a favour here as I don't think I would've attended this gig otherwise. I've been playing their debut album on repeat and then just had to buy a ticket for this gig. Chorusgirl tonight then were fantastic. Indie pop tunes drenched in noisy guitars. Quirky little parts adding character to the songs just pure indiepop genius. No Moon was the standout for me but the set was superb throughout and there was a cover of Smog's Ex-con in there too. The set was over far too quickly with a noisy finale but it made me sure I will be back for more of this superb new band.

Flowers next up and really they should have been reason to attend alone. I'd seen them many times whether it was supporting The Wedding Present or Cinerama so was weird to see them here with not a Gedge in sight! They've a new album out next month so a few songs from it tonight which I was really looking forward to. Set opened with their preview track from this Pull My Arm an excellent song more upbeat and bigger sounding than the previous stuff. That kinda set the feel for the new stuff it all sounded bigger and with some added bass strings (Rachel only had the one the last time I saw em) they've really gained a lot of depth to the earlier songs too. There's still that undercurrent of bleakness that makes them of course and with the setting of a stage dimly lit the band tore through a superb set. There was a new new song which Rachel said they had written only yesterday that too sounded fantastic and hopefully it appears on the third album next year. This is a band they grow and grow in brilliance. I was thinking by the end of the set how did I even think of missing this gig! yes chorusgirl may've got me there but being here made me realise how much I love Flowers!
Tigercats then the headliner. To be truthful when I first heard these I never really took to them but seeing them last year with the Smittens supporting I enjoyed their set. After 2 incredible sets tonight for the support bands I was there to see I was wondering if I'm really gonna get into this tonight. From the start however with those punchy catchy pop tunes laced with some rocking noisy guitar I was already drawn in. They sounded huge tonight playing to a packed enthusiastic crowd. Such addictive melodies this band have and really catchy rhythms. Sleeping in the Backseat is the one that got me the most such a wonderful song and with the added Sax provided by Darren Hayman towards the end. A fantastic night then 3 superb sets.