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The Damned + The Featherz - Islington Academy 20/12/15 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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The Damned + The Featherz - Islington Academy 20/12/15 [Dec. 21st, 2015|04:00 pm]
John Marshall

So my last gig of 2015 tonight and with one of my favourite ever punk bands. Was glad when this one was first announced as their 40th anniversary gig at the Royal Albert Hall sold out stupidly quick.
support tonight was from the Featherz. A band new to me but I had seen the name about. Consisting of 2 girls and a male drummer they're quite a fun band with a good mix of glam and punk rock with fun lyrics one about when was the last time you had a shag! There was a cover of T Rex's 20th century boy in there too. I did really enjoy these wasn't too sure if I would at first but they quickly won me over.
So the Damned kicking off with Wait For The Blackout with the Captain dressed in a sailor outfit but still sporting his iconic beret of course. A very well balanced set from these tonight a few of their mellower ones which demonstrated how amazing Dave Vanian can still sing. He was far more chatty than usual tonight just as much as the Captain.

Before 13th Floor Vanian went on about how Vincent Price is his favourite horror hero and that was about him. He also spoke about Arthur Lee before their cover of Love's Alone Again Or saying how they were influenced by many 60s bands and how Arthur liked their version of the song which was just as well otherwise he'd prob have shot 'em! for this tonight trumpet was replaced by kazoo which was provided by Vanian. Was great to hear Grimly Fiendish tonight one of the better moments of Phantasmagoria I never really took to that album at the time but songs like this always make me feel more positive about it. The same with Eloise a song I was never keen on at the time but have grown to love now especially that I have a crazy goddaughter named after the song! also the live version is punked up a lot more due to the captain's contribution to it. Of course the rowdier songs were there too Love Song starting a trilogy of  songs from my favourite Damned album Machine Gun Etiquette with the title track and Just Can't Be Happy Today completing this.

There was a good fun element to the gig tonight being Xmas with Vanian coming on in A Santa outfit for There Aint No Sanity Clause. Great to hear this as you only get to this time of year live. More festive fun was provided during encore where the band were joined by Charlie Harper and Gaye Advert to hold up cartoon drawings for The Turkey Song sung by long time vegetarian Captain Sensible. The highlight of the set for me came in this encore too Under The Floor Again from Strawberries which is my 2nd favourite Damned album, a few tracks off this tonight others were Stranger on The Town and Ignite which got a football chant style singalong. Under The Floor Again is another which really demonstrates the power in Vanian's voice an honor to hear this tonight. following this came some more rowdy classics kicking off with the first punk single New Rose. Vanian getting someone to do the shangrilas intro "Is She Really Going Out With Him" then belted out a stunning version of this track. This was followed by one of my favourites, Nasty with this the energy kept going it sounded incredible. So to end with as usual came Smash It Up The classic intro of part one then blasting into part 2 the band giving everything for the set finale, well almost finale as the captain didn't leave the stage and sang Happy Talk after much demand from the crowd. So this the final ever Damned gig of them being 39 years old sent everyone out into the night with a smile.