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The Charlatans + Echo & The Bunnymen + Frankie & The Heartstrings - Brixton Academy 19/12/15 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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The Charlatans + Echo & The Bunnymen + Frankie & The Heartstrings - Brixton Academy 19/12/15 [Dec. 20th, 2015|01:56 pm]
John Marshall

Been to Brixton Academy quite a few times this year and I do like coming here and especially to see the band I've seen here most The Charlatans. Some bands you associate with certain venues and The Charlatans are definitely one which always goes well with Brixton Academy. Well the stupid security bloke on the door didnt wanna let me bring my camera in but someone corrected him, it's not even a professional one and he's a div!

So first up Frankie & The Heartstrings. Was wondering if I'd seen this bunch before and still not sure. Was pretty good some of it had an 80s jangly pop sound about it and singer had a good voice. Although I did start to wonder if they'd been playing the same song for half hour! still it was good though and there was even a xmas song thrown in.

I said earlier how I associate Brixton Academy with the charlatans well Echo & The Bunnymen always hold one of my earliest memories of the place. I recall going past it in the 80s and seeing their name up on the front of the venue and wishing I could go to the gig, I did eventually see them there in the 90s and here again they were tonight. Yes it is odd such an old iconic band are doing a support slot but also a good thing of course seeing 2 of my favourite bands on the same bill. Ian Mculloch in fine voice tonight as he sings through the classics which kick off with what was my introduction to the band The Cutter. So many classic songs this band have unleashed that not all of them made it into their 45 min slot tonight. Still My favourite Bring on The Dancing Horses was present  so I was more than happy. Ian didn't say much tonight but he did have a dig at Mourinho saying he's happy he's fucked off. The odd thing tho is Echo & The Bunnymen had an album out last year and there wasn't anything from it. Infact the newerst track in the set was Nothing Lasts Forever from 97! I still haven't heard their latest album but will at somepoint but for the majority there they'd have no idea the band released anything since the 90s! still it did mean it was probably just a set of their best material.

So to follow that iconic band came for me another. The Charlatans who in contrast are happy to play new material kicked off the set with Talking In Tones from their latest album Modern Nature. Such a strong album it is too and there was a total of 8 songs present from it tonight including the highlight for me So Oh!.a fine selection of classic singles was in this set too the first of them being the excellent Weirdo. The band looked at home on this stage especially frontman Tim Burgess who walked around the stage and occasionaly danced as he sang and acknowledged members of the crowd. Looking like he was having the time of his life. Well I certainly was. The music was delivered with a sheer wall of power. I always say that charlatans are one of the best live bands around and tonight defined why a good mix of organ and that powerful driving bassline. The line up may have changed through the years but the band still maintain that brilliance. There was a few surprises for me in the set in the form of old album tracks. Here Comes A Soul Saver is one of my favourite ever tracks by the band and here it was tonight performed to perfection this being followed by an early classic You're Not Very Well defined what a perfectly balanced set this was tonight. Of course the huge crowd pleasers were present such as One To Another and the the classic baggy track The Only One I know.  A fantastic encore of old and new kicking off with I Need You to Know from Modern Nature then one of the highlights from Wonderland You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty and thankfully not the updated version!! Then as Usual their epic from Some Friendly Sproston Green which Tim introduced as their version of The Velvet Underground's Sister Ray. That wall of power got more intense and came to an epic climax with this amazing song. I usually come out of a Charlatans gig blown away and tonight was no exception. Stunning set.