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Boot Boys Xmas Knees Up - Last Resort + Infa Riot + Gonads + Skurvi - 100 Club 18/12/15 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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Boot Boys Xmas Knees Up - Last Resort + Infa Riot + Gonads + Skurvi - 100 Club 18/12/15 [Dec. 19th, 2015|11:53 am]
John Marshall

Firstly I apologise for my absense from here for the last month or so. I always said to myself if everything else got too hectic and I didnt enjoy doing this and it became a chore I'd just stop rather than feel I have to. I love writing these reviews but things got in the way and just couldn't muster the time or energy after the (many) gigs I attended since my last entry. Things have changed now so hopefully back on track.

Anyway so last night provided a few options to say the least and this gig was always my first choice so was best really to stick with it. Well first choice but with a different headliner that is. Was meant to be The Business whom I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing at this iconic venue(there I go again but its true!) Sadly Micky has cancer in the neck and is undergoing ongoing treatment. There was a letter read out from him about the gig and being sad he can't do it and what he's going through. really emotional stuff and I hope the man gets better soon. I fucking love The Business. So anyway the band who stepped in to replace them Micky had a dig at the football team they support as he's West Ham. The band of course is The Last Resort with Micky saying its the only band that could've done it. I was chuffed with this as It's a band I'd not seen play this venue before just Roi singing with Old Firm Casuals when they were here last.

Skurvi who played at the 100 club earlier in the year for Human Punk supporting Control. So Invited back and and being better than ever tonight a band I always like seeing and one that grow and grow in being a top band. They don't take themselves seriously with their fun lyrics about drinking and also apologising to the mostly Skinhead crowd about the amount of hair the band have! quality stuff and good to see it going down so well with everyone.

The Gonads next up featuring Garry Bushell who in the 80s put together those classic Oi! compilations so an important figure in the Oi! scene. Yeah there was a lot of backlash against the man too from various bands but forget all that coz here he is in 2015 60 years old still giving it all with his band. Kicking off with the old Oi! classics tonight firstly Tucker's Ruckers Aint No Suckers which is one of their best then Jobs Not Jails then the comedy classic I Lost My Love To A Uk Sub. A throroughly enjoyable set this deidicated to Tony Van Frater from Cockney Rejects who died recently. Lee Wilson from the next band Infa Riot got a song for him "Buy Me A Drink, Lee Wilson" having a dig at his reluctance to do so, well he does support Tottenham! in good spirit he joined them onstage for a singalong.

So back up onstage fronting his own band Infa Riot Lee was on great form tonight. Always fueled with energy whatever the crowd is like and rips through these classic songs in style. Kicking off with Emergency cover of the Girlschool classic but making it their own. It soon became apparant that this would turn out to be one of the best gigs this band were ever gonna play. Not only a full on delivery but a crowd more than up for going crazy to these ace song. A great singalong from everyone too. Maybe the pit did go a bit mental for my liking at times but sod it the place was buzzing like crazy and they tore the fucking roof off the place. Lee pointing out how amazing it all was. So good to see one of my favourite ever bands get such a great reception like this. Classic songs such as Still Out of Order, The Winner, Kids of The 80s and the closing song which got the singalong of the night In For A Riot.

So with all that still The Last Resort to go tonight anyone in attendance was well and truly spoilt. Again a band on fine form and Roi sounding superb with his distinctive  oi vocals. A fine mix of old and new in this set but everything going down a storm with the crowd continuing where they left off after giving it all for Infa Riot. Classic songs such as Rebels With A Cause really taking me back to the early 80s when I first discovered this band and buying their album at The Last Resort shop. Taking us up to date with the brilliant song and my anthem of course Never Get A Job!! There was some 4 Skins in there which Roi was once the frontman of starting with the excellent ACAB which really sent the place mental. Seeing the place so rammed and going crazy to these amazing songs was really something. Ending the main set with the old classics 2 of their best known songs King of The Jungle and Violence In Our Minds they really performed a quality set which The Business would've been proud to see as the gig was left in fine hands. Human Punk the organisers really did themselves proud with this one. Back on for an encore Skinhead in Stapress kicked it off always one of my favourites that one as I once was a skinhead in stapress (now just a scruffy cunt!). Bassist JJ Pointed to my Blitz tshirt asking where I got it said he had one in the 80s. I know I got it online but can't remember now where! he said he'd swap it but Roi! said he'd nick it haha!! So Then joined by a few others onstage they did a version of Suburban Rebels for Micky which was a bit all over the place at times but done in great spirity and fun to see. Ending the set with another 4 Skins classic Chaos. A perfect end to a brilliant and chaotic night!