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Years & Years - Brixton Academy - 27/10/15 - And I admit we had some memorable days [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
John Marshall

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Years & Years - Brixton Academy - 27/10/15 [Nov. 1st, 2015|01:51 pm]
John Marshall

Since my introduction to Years & Years supporting Kylie in the summer I've become a little obsessed with them and playing their LP Communion loads. After that Kylie gig I checked out where they were playing and was shocked to see they were headling Brixton Academy and that it was already sold out! and they already had a number one single under their belt! I had no idea they were already a big band, but then the charts isn't something that I take notice of these days and don't expect something of this quality to be topping it. Glad of course it happened and when pop music is this good I love it. Fortunately then they added an extra Brixton date which also sold out but not before securing my ticket for it!

Can't recall the names of the supports but if I can find the info I will add them in. So the first act I wasn't really convinced by this some bloke mixing sounds and doing vocals over the top. Not exactly terrible and some parts I really enjoyed but for most it was quite forgettable and my mind wandered.

The next band I didn't take to at all. Pop music with some well annoying whiney vocals and a bad version of Britney's Baby One More Time. Was relieved when it was over!

So Years & Years began their set with their album opener Foundation. This song represents everything I love about this band with its dark errie electronic sound showing the diversity of this band if you compare this to their poppier moments. These electroncic sounds thumping so powerfully through the brixton academy to this mostly young crowd. So then comes the pop in the form of Take Shelter. A song I've had going through my head frequently lately but then same goes for every song from the album. Worship is another fine example of this such a well crafted pop song and great words too. Olly has both wonderful stage presence and a fantastic voice fitting each style of music they unleash. From the heavy electronic pop of Desire to their more delicate moments such as Eyes Shut where Olly sits down at the keyboard singing beautifully this is the latest song that I can't shake from my head and neither would I want to. With them just having the one album and every track from it being played the set was still not long enough so there was an addition of a cover of Britney's Toxic and a wonderful version it was too giving it that distinctive Years & Years feel. Really hope they release this. Ending the set with the swirling electronic dance track where Olly duets with Shamir(wh I'd wished had supported tonight instead of what we had!). Soon they are back on for the inevitable encore of their biggest hit King and a song which shows how good pop music should be done. Catchy but superb. The stage show now is over the top and camp and they have drag queens dancing away and later all wearing crowns. full on entertainment so refreshing to see this type of gig.