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John Marshall

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The Outcasts + The Splash + Birdsong - 100 Club 14/1/16 [Jan. 15th, 2016|02:27 pm]
John Marshall

So the final night of Resolution festival for 2016. The Outcasts played a stunning set here in 2014 so was good to see them back.

What's been good about these nights is there have been a few bands I'd not heard or seen before play so again tonight I had that privilege. First up were Birdsong.  Fucking brilliant stuff good and rowdy but not in the usual punk way they had a wall of blistering guitar remind me of early Idlewild in places. It's great having a band like this play with older punk bands as I usually see stuff in the similar vein with more Indie bands and I always thought given the right punk gig it'd go down well and tonight it did. So much depth in their sound amongst the anger as it dipped into slower dreamier parts. Seriously need to see this lot again.

So next up were The Splash. 2 of them have huge beards which worried me! the singer with a smaller but ginger beard! still not to fear these were top notch playing melodic hardcore style stuff and a great deal of fun about them. The banter between songs was the best of the last few nights saying they come from some place in the west country that no one had heard of and saying look we don't have webbed hands! They claimed not to be original or tried to be but just played the music they enjoyed and had a song about it which I think is what counts really in bands and these were ace at what they do.

So then time for The Outcasts. Quality set from this lot playing a good blend of punk rock from Self Conscious Over You to the rockabilly sounding 7 Deadly Sins(My personal favourite) and the slow but gritty Winter. Thoroughly entertaining throughout and the banter from these was ace too. singer Greg was wearing a Sid Vicious tshirt he said his wife had bought him but pointed at me saying "You look more like Sid Vicious than this does" and before "Another Teenage Rebel" he said he wont say the usual about this song but said it should be another Another Middle Aged Rebel and then questioned sarcastically by a member of the crowd "MIDDLE aged!??". Greg said it was a good crowd but not much dancing which there wasn't for a while but everyone was loving it still and a few bodies got moving especially for the classic "The Cops Are Coming". To end the set was a cover of Bowie's Suffragette City which they usually end their sets with but Greg joked they aint gonna do it tonight because he's dead! of course they did do it and in a week where it was a huge blow to me Bowie leaving us The Outcasts did a fucking wonderful tribute to the man with a quality version of this song which I always thought was one of the first punk sounding songs well before punk and this was demonstrated tonight. I seriously didn't know whether to smile or cry! simple brilliant.
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English Dogs + Sickpig + Not For You - 100 Club 13/1/16 [Jan. 14th, 2016|03:16 pm]
John Marshall

So back again to 100 Club to see again the first band I ever saw Headline here, well a few line up changes since meaning none of the band playing tonight played that day but since they're reunited with the singer Wakey it's even better for me than it was back in 1985. Sadly this one was obvious from the start it wasn't gonna be as well attended as my previous 2 encounters this month. Such a good line up too.

Not For you were up first a band I'd not heard of before but they feature Nick who is also the guitarist(and sometimes singer) of English Dogs. A great band too and so much variation. They started off a bit rock n roll but then went to Clash style punk to proper fast stuff and there was even a ska one in there there was a top version of Bad Relgion's Do What You Want there too. I really enjoyed this set hopefully catch em again at somepoint.

Sickpig are one of my favourite bands of recent years. A band who definitely need more attention than what they got tonight but I'm sure the small crowd was impressed with what they saw. Singer Josh made sure he made the most of the long 100 club stage as he threw himself all over it as he belted out his raw angry vocals. Their music is thrashy and loud but still held together by some classic punk melodies. From start to finish this was an incredible set and the best I've heard them sound. Ending with the superb Death To Sickpigs this band put 100% in tonight and I for one was totally blown away.

English Dogs then Wakey making a joke about the low attendance tonight but it was never gonna stop them. No sign of a mosh pit just the odd person dancing including myself but still a fantastic gig. Wakey charismatic as ever doing some crazy dance moves and full of top banter including a part where some bearded man with a stetson and crutches was referred to as the ghost of Lemmy but he'd come back as a cripple! A good mix of old and new as usual and a quality version of my all time favourite Psycho Killer. Maybe not as lively as it was in 1985 crowd wise but the band performance totally blew that away. Another of my favourites World War II ending the set but a decent reaction from this crowd ensured there was a couple of encores.
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Discharge + Anti-Pasti + Mick O'Toole - 100 Club 12/1/16 [Jan. 14th, 2016|01:48 pm]
John Marshall

Before tonight's gig I didn't feel up for doing much felt tired and still saddened by the death of Bowie which affected me a lot more than I ever could have imagined. Still playing his music all day. Of course I was never gonna blow this one out I was looking forward to it and really a trip to 100 club when on a low is the best tonic especially these bands I mean if Discharge can't blow away the cobwebs then there's no hope!

First up was band from Swindon, Mick O'Toole. I First thought it'd be a bloke rather than a band with a name like that. I thought these were pretty decent on a bill of 2 classic punk bands but playing folk punk stuff and doing a decent job of it. It was the usual Irish stuff Pogues influenced but with a bit of a west country feel to it. worked well for me anyway. There was a fast version of Dirty Old town in there which down especially well with the crowd.

Anti-Pasti up next who haven't played 100 club since 1982 I believe. There was now a huge crowd in the place so good to see this on a Tuesday night just like the old days and just how it should be!! A band certainly not stuck in the past and one that doesn't forget it either as they deliver a set of songs old and new kicking off with the classic Ain't Got Me. The new material was sounding strong tonight too still no idea when this album is coming out but certainly gonna be a strong one going by these songs. A bloke gave singer Gez a rubber wristband which Gez put on he then said he hoped it wasn't some Nazi band as they launched into the excellent Freedom First. It's good to see the current line up of Anti-Pasti getting the response they deserved tonight they're one of the most buzzing energetic bands around at the moment and bringing their sound forward in all the right ways. For the finale then were their best known songs starting with Another Dead Soldier where Gez joined the crowd getting people to sing along and then No Government to end things inevitably getting a huge reaction. Well it is one of the best punk songs of all time.

Not sure when the last time Discharge played at the 100 club was but I keep hearing of a legendary gig they did here when I was too young to attend. I first saw Discharge at their worst at the Clarendon during the Grave New World tour. Now with 3 members from the original line up here they are at the 100 club and sounding how they should do. Loud, brutal, gritty and fucking amazing. From the start the crowd went bonkers although on the opposite side of the venue to usual which threw me a bit, also a few others it seems who didn't notice who tried to mosh in the usual spot and complained no one was joining them! (look to yer left!!). Again Discharge are not a band who are content on the past and nostalgia. Singer JJ kept pointing this out saying how punk is alive now and to look at what is happening now rather than just looking back they have new songs and a new album due too. The songs from it tonight sounded superb. Of course the old classics were also there but these issues haven't gone away and if anything have got worse so still sounding relevant as ever classics such as State Violence State Control and Fight Back. There were a couple of moments dedicated to our fallen heroes too as a song was dedicated to Lemmy whom without I can't imagine how Discharge would have sounded! Also guitarist Bones played the classic riff to Ziggy Stardust which was an amazing touch I thought! so this wall of noise was brought to a temporary halt after my favourite song of theirs Decontrol which got many singing along to, there wasn't much point in leaving the stage this crowd wasn't going anywhere so a couple of encores were played which kicked off with the immense The Possibility of Life's Destruction. So any talk of a classic Discharge gig at the 100 club I'm more than satisfied to refer to this one.
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Anthrax + Flowers in The Dustbin + Shocks of Mighty + Dogshite - Silver Bullet - 9/1/16 [Jan. 10th, 2016|04:59 pm]
John Marshall

So my second time at the Silver Bullet and a great cause this one all money raised is for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The bands all playing free of charge. A top line up too so was well excited about this one in many ways.

First up Dogshite. For one reason or another I've not seen these play for a while a few times they've pulled out or did gigs I couldn't get to so was glad to see them back Veg from Shocks of Mighty filled in on bass tonight he had his notes jotted down to the side of him but he did a fantastic job. Quite a short set though of this bouncey punk rock with a bit of ska thrown in which included their track on the 4 track ep on Anthrax's homegrown records Fuck Ya Rude Boy. Carmel is superb on vocals dancing away and full of energy infact she did the same down the front for all the other bands tonight too!

Shocks of Mighty up next and I always say it but this band just get better. A tight rowdy set full of old style punk rock with the feel of the clash and early Jam. Was good to see a bit of movement down the front too. The place was pretty packed and this lot were creating a fucking amazing vibe to say the least. The crowd didn't want them to stop and insisted on another even though they said it's all the songs they knew but they then belted out a brand new one as no one here was gonna take no for an answer. fantastic.

Flowers in The Dustbin next up. It's great to see these back gigging again I never really gave their music the fullest attention back in the day but now with a new album out I'm really taken by them. Hard to describe really a bit of a weird twist to their music but has an undercurrent of anarcho punk there still. Quite melodic too and the crowd here tonight certainly had their dancing shoes on and down the front again there was a fair bit of movement. Pagan uprising standing out amongst the highlights for me tonight quite a rowdy but catchy little ditty that one.

So Anthrax next headlining. Although I do love this venue the toilets are located right next to the stage and they stunk of detergent! I think I was getting high off the fumes. I thought anarcho gigs were supposed to stink of piss! anyway this and the fact Anthrax are fucking brilliant ensured I moved my so far lazy arse into the middle to dance! Many others did so too the place was going crazy. So much deserved as not only were these one of the best anarcho bands back in the 80s but have been making some of the strongest punk records of recent times. Proving this again and again with their latest offerings one after the other Beg Society & Dirty Bomb and also a brand new track thrown in the mix which sounded fantastic. Of course there was a few oldies in there such as the incredible They've Got it All Wrong and Capitalism Is Cannibalism. Ok perhaps a few forgotten lyrics and the odd false start but for me this is one of the finest sets I've seen them play to one of the best crowds. Another from their All For The Cause album ended the main set in sheer style the band giving it everything. This crowd was never gonna let it end there and demanded more which they were just about ready for. There was about half of Exploitation to which the drummer came to an early halt but to make up for this they played Introduction to War as their finale. Frontman Oskar asked if there were any requests but the rest of the band were done so with that I made a swift exit from the venue as to get home in time for the Lemmy funeral!
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GBH + Louise Distras + Borrowed Time - 100 Club 7/1/16 [Jan. 8th, 2016|05:38 pm]
John Marshall

I never hide the fact how much I love this venue I bang on about it everytime I do a review of the place and I'm not ashamed! I also love GBH who I last saw play here in 1986. There I was a drunk 16 year old buzzing with enthusiasm for one of the greatest punk bands there is. Now 30 years later here I am at 45 still heading to the 100 club with the enthusiasm I've always had. Yes I've been back here many times since and so have GBH and I have of course seen them elsewhere but tonight we both find ourselves on this sacred ground. I cannot explain but tonight felt special from the moment I set eyes on the flyer knowing I shall again be going to a GBH gig at the 100 Club.

first up was a band new to me Borrowed Time. An excellent set from this lot. Straight down the line good old fashioned punk rock with a singer who didn't keep still for a moment whether it was climbing on the amps or rolling on the floor or jumping in the crowd to greet the rising crowd as the set progressed it was fun to watch and I even got a huge sloppy kiss on the cheek from him as well as a sweaty cuddle. I always like to see stuff I've not heard before and loved this set. Quite melodic but a fair bit of punk aggression in there and a good dose of fun. One song was said to be about men tying up women but the singer confessed after it was meant to be women tying up men but either way this set was thoroughly entertaining.

Louise Distras I last saw here as part of last years Resolution festival supporting UK Subs. Was great to see her back this time she was alone but still she does what she does so well her and her acoustic guitar yelling out strong messages in these well crafted songs. So much energy and power in her voice especially the parts where she really lets rip. She spoke of hope that punk London will inspire more young bands to form and for people to pick up guitars. That of course would be a good thing and good to see these Resolution festival gigs at the 100 club a good mix of old and new bands proving how strong punk rock is in 2016 and looking at this crowd on a Thursday night it was more than thriving here at the 100 club tonight.

So then GBH took to the stage, I thought to myself it would prob be a quiet one as it's a Thursday night and there wouldn't be much action down the front. I myself decided I would stay to the side of the stage and watch as whatever happens this band would perform. So perform they did and they played with sheer intensity sounded as brilliant just as they did 30 years ago. Certainly one of the most consistent tightest punk bands out there as they let rip through their classic Leather Bristles Studs and Acne Mini LP. Of course my plans to be a lazy old git soon changed as they belted out the classic Generals. No fucking way was I gonna stand there for that and my dancing boots marched to the centre to throw myself into the mass of sweaty bodies just as that 16 year old kid used to do all those years ago! they continued to rip through the classics with songs such as No Survivors and the the bsides Self Destruct and the very pc Big Women! Sick Boy was amongst the many highlights tonight sending the already energetic crowd into a sheer frenzy as did the immortal Give Me Fire the first GBH song I ever heard and got me hooked to this amazing band. The band and the venue both living up to expectations tonight then as this solid set blew my mind. A couple of special guests onstage too with The drummer from the Bronx up there to drum for Diplomatic Immunity and later fellow brummie the main man from Dread Messiah giving it all for I feel Alright even if he didn't have his balls out! An encore featuring 2 classics from the City Baby Attacked by Rats album Time Bomb & Maniac should've ended the night but there was one more in the form of a brand new song called Momentum which sounded bloody great proving the band still have it in 'em not only to play stunning gigs but to come up with more fantastic material.
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Tigercats + Flowers + Chorusgirl - Winter Sprinter. Lexington 6/1/16 [Jan. 7th, 2016|01:28 pm]
John Marshall

I hadn't made it to any of these Winter Sprinter gigs for the last couple of years even though there's been a few bands I wanted to see. Last year I opted to see punk gigs at the 100 club instead during the Resolution festival. This one I was umming and ahhing about for a while and even though Resolution is in full swing how could I resist this one opening with the delightful Chorusgirl.
Chorusgirl I'd seen the name about for a while but not heard them but getting through the post the annual selection box from tonight_we_fly the track from these on there No Moon is one that really stood out. Truth is I don't really try to discover new music anymore by putting on the radio or just taking a chance on some new release. Bands usually come to me when I see them support. So really I have to thank Mark for this in the absence of Peel he really did me a favour here as I don't think I would've attended this gig otherwise. I've been playing their debut album on repeat and then just had to buy a ticket for this gig. Chorusgirl tonight then were fantastic. Indie pop tunes drenched in noisy guitars. Quirky little parts adding character to the songs just pure indiepop genius. No Moon was the standout for me but the set was superb throughout and there was a cover of Smog's Ex-con in there too. The set was over far too quickly with a noisy finale but it made me sure I will be back for more of this superb new band.

Flowers next up and really they should have been reason to attend alone. I'd seen them many times whether it was supporting The Wedding Present or Cinerama so was weird to see them here with not a Gedge in sight! They've a new album out next month so a few songs from it tonight which I was really looking forward to. Set opened with their preview track from this Pull My Arm an excellent song more upbeat and bigger sounding than the previous stuff. That kinda set the feel for the new stuff it all sounded bigger and with some added bass strings (Rachel only had the one the last time I saw em) they've really gained a lot of depth to the earlier songs too. There's still that undercurrent of bleakness that makes them of course and with the setting of a stage dimly lit the band tore through a superb set. There was a new new song which Rachel said they had written only yesterday that too sounded fantastic and hopefully it appears on the third album next year. This is a band they grow and grow in brilliance. I was thinking by the end of the set how did I even think of missing this gig! yes chorusgirl may've got me there but being here made me realise how much I love Flowers!
Tigercats then the headliner. To be truthful when I first heard these I never really took to them but seeing them last year with the Smittens supporting I enjoyed their set. After 2 incredible sets tonight for the support bands I was there to see I was wondering if I'm really gonna get into this tonight. From the start however with those punchy catchy pop tunes laced with some rocking noisy guitar I was already drawn in. They sounded huge tonight playing to a packed enthusiastic crowd. Such addictive melodies this band have and really catchy rhythms. Sleeping in the Backseat is the one that got me the most such a wonderful song and with the added Sax provided by Darren Hayman towards the end. A fantastic night then 3 superb sets.

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The Damned + The Featherz - Islington Academy 20/12/15 [Dec. 21st, 2015|04:00 pm]
John Marshall

So my last gig of 2015 tonight and with one of my favourite ever punk bands. Was glad when this one was first announced as their 40th anniversary gig at the Royal Albert Hall sold out stupidly quick.
support tonight was from the Featherz. A band new to me but I had seen the name about. Consisting of 2 girls and a male drummer they're quite a fun band with a good mix of glam and punk rock with fun lyrics one about when was the last time you had a shag! There was a cover of T Rex's 20th century boy in there too. I did really enjoy these wasn't too sure if I would at first but they quickly won me over.
So the Damned kicking off with Wait For The Blackout with the Captain dressed in a sailor outfit but still sporting his iconic beret of course. A very well balanced set from these tonight a few of their mellower ones which demonstrated how amazing Dave Vanian can still sing. He was far more chatty than usual tonight just as much as the Captain.

Before 13th Floor Vanian went on about how Vincent Price is his favourite horror hero and that was about him. He also spoke about Arthur Lee before their cover of Love's Alone Again Or saying how they were influenced by many 60s bands and how Arthur liked their version of the song which was just as well otherwise he'd prob have shot 'em! for this tonight trumpet was replaced by kazoo which was provided by Vanian. Was great to hear Grimly Fiendish tonight one of the better moments of Phantasmagoria I never really took to that album at the time but songs like this always make me feel more positive about it. The same with Eloise a song I was never keen on at the time but have grown to love now especially that I have a crazy goddaughter named after the song! also the live version is punked up a lot more due to the captain's contribution to it. Of course the rowdier songs were there too Love Song starting a trilogy of  songs from my favourite Damned album Machine Gun Etiquette with the title track and Just Can't Be Happy Today completing this.

There was a good fun element to the gig tonight being Xmas with Vanian coming on in A Santa outfit for There Aint No Sanity Clause. Great to hear this as you only get to this time of year live. More festive fun was provided during encore where the band were joined by Charlie Harper and Gaye Advert to hold up cartoon drawings for The Turkey Song sung by long time vegetarian Captain Sensible. The highlight of the set for me came in this encore too Under The Floor Again from Strawberries which is my 2nd favourite Damned album, a few tracks off this tonight others were Stranger on The Town and Ignite which got a football chant style singalong. Under The Floor Again is another which really demonstrates the power in Vanian's voice an honor to hear this tonight. following this came some more rowdy classics kicking off with the first punk single New Rose. Vanian getting someone to do the shangrilas intro "Is She Really Going Out With Him" then belted out a stunning version of this track. This was followed by one of my favourites, Nasty with this the energy kept going it sounded incredible. So to end with as usual came Smash It Up The classic intro of part one then blasting into part 2 the band giving everything for the set finale, well almost finale as the captain didn't leave the stage and sang Happy Talk after much demand from the crowd. So this the final ever Damned gig of them being 39 years old sent everyone out into the night with a smile.

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The Charlatans + Echo & The Bunnymen + Frankie & The Heartstrings - Brixton Academy 19/12/15 [Dec. 20th, 2015|01:56 pm]
John Marshall

Been to Brixton Academy quite a few times this year and I do like coming here and especially to see the band I've seen here most The Charlatans. Some bands you associate with certain venues and The Charlatans are definitely one which always goes well with Brixton Academy. Well the stupid security bloke on the door didnt wanna let me bring my camera in but someone corrected him, it's not even a professional one and he's a div!

So first up Frankie & The Heartstrings. Was wondering if I'd seen this bunch before and still not sure. Was pretty good some of it had an 80s jangly pop sound about it and singer had a good voice. Although I did start to wonder if they'd been playing the same song for half hour! still it was good though and there was even a xmas song thrown in.

I said earlier how I associate Brixton Academy with the charlatans well Echo & The Bunnymen always hold one of my earliest memories of the place. I recall going past it in the 80s and seeing their name up on the front of the venue and wishing I could go to the gig, I did eventually see them there in the 90s and here again they were tonight. Yes it is odd such an old iconic band are doing a support slot but also a good thing of course seeing 2 of my favourite bands on the same bill. Ian Mculloch in fine voice tonight as he sings through the classics which kick off with what was my introduction to the band The Cutter. So many classic songs this band have unleashed that not all of them made it into their 45 min slot tonight. Still My favourite Bring on The Dancing Horses was present  so I was more than happy. Ian didn't say much tonight but he did have a dig at Mourinho saying he's happy he's fucked off. The odd thing tho is Echo & The Bunnymen had an album out last year and there wasn't anything from it. Infact the newerst track in the set was Nothing Lasts Forever from 97! I still haven't heard their latest album but will at somepoint but for the majority there they'd have no idea the band released anything since the 90s! still it did mean it was probably just a set of their best material.

So to follow that iconic band came for me another. The Charlatans who in contrast are happy to play new material kicked off the set with Talking In Tones from their latest album Modern Nature. Such a strong album it is too and there was a total of 8 songs present from it tonight including the highlight for me So Oh!.a fine selection of classic singles was in this set too the first of them being the excellent Weirdo. The band looked at home on this stage especially frontman Tim Burgess who walked around the stage and occasionaly danced as he sang and acknowledged members of the crowd. Looking like he was having the time of his life. Well I certainly was. The music was delivered with a sheer wall of power. I always say that charlatans are one of the best live bands around and tonight defined why a good mix of organ and that powerful driving bassline. The line up may have changed through the years but the band still maintain that brilliance. There was a few surprises for me in the set in the form of old album tracks. Here Comes A Soul Saver is one of my favourite ever tracks by the band and here it was tonight performed to perfection this being followed by an early classic You're Not Very Well defined what a perfectly balanced set this was tonight. Of course the huge crowd pleasers were present such as One To Another and the the classic baggy track The Only One I know.  A fantastic encore of old and new kicking off with I Need You to Know from Modern Nature then one of the highlights from Wonderland You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty and thankfully not the updated version!! Then as Usual their epic from Some Friendly Sproston Green which Tim introduced as their version of The Velvet Underground's Sister Ray. That wall of power got more intense and came to an epic climax with this amazing song. I usually come out of a Charlatans gig blown away and tonight was no exception. Stunning set.
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Boot Boys Xmas Knees Up - Last Resort + Infa Riot + Gonads + Skurvi - 100 Club 18/12/15 [Dec. 19th, 2015|11:53 am]
John Marshall

Firstly I apologise for my absense from here for the last month or so. I always said to myself if everything else got too hectic and I didnt enjoy doing this and it became a chore I'd just stop rather than feel I have to. I love writing these reviews but things got in the way and just couldn't muster the time or energy after the (many) gigs I attended since my last entry. Things have changed now so hopefully back on track.

Anyway so last night provided a few options to say the least and this gig was always my first choice so was best really to stick with it. Well first choice but with a different headliner that is. Was meant to be The Business whom I was thrilled at the prospect of seeing at this iconic venue(there I go again but its true!) Sadly Micky has cancer in the neck and is undergoing ongoing treatment. There was a letter read out from him about the gig and being sad he can't do it and what he's going through. really emotional stuff and I hope the man gets better soon. I fucking love The Business. So anyway the band who stepped in to replace them Micky had a dig at the football team they support as he's West Ham. The band of course is The Last Resort with Micky saying its the only band that could've done it. I was chuffed with this as It's a band I'd not seen play this venue before just Roi singing with Old Firm Casuals when they were here last.

Skurvi who played at the 100 club earlier in the year for Human Punk supporting Control. So Invited back and and being better than ever tonight a band I always like seeing and one that grow and grow in being a top band. They don't take themselves seriously with their fun lyrics about drinking and also apologising to the mostly Skinhead crowd about the amount of hair the band have! quality stuff and good to see it going down so well with everyone.

The Gonads next up featuring Garry Bushell who in the 80s put together those classic Oi! compilations so an important figure in the Oi! scene. Yeah there was a lot of backlash against the man too from various bands but forget all that coz here he is in 2015 60 years old still giving it all with his band. Kicking off with the old Oi! classics tonight firstly Tucker's Ruckers Aint No Suckers which is one of their best then Jobs Not Jails then the comedy classic I Lost My Love To A Uk Sub. A throroughly enjoyable set this deidicated to Tony Van Frater from Cockney Rejects who died recently. Lee Wilson from the next band Infa Riot got a song for him "Buy Me A Drink, Lee Wilson" having a dig at his reluctance to do so, well he does support Tottenham! in good spirit he joined them onstage for a singalong.

So back up onstage fronting his own band Infa Riot Lee was on great form tonight. Always fueled with energy whatever the crowd is like and rips through these classic songs in style. Kicking off with Emergency cover of the Girlschool classic but making it their own. It soon became apparant that this would turn out to be one of the best gigs this band were ever gonna play. Not only a full on delivery but a crowd more than up for going crazy to these ace song. A great singalong from everyone too. Maybe the pit did go a bit mental for my liking at times but sod it the place was buzzing like crazy and they tore the fucking roof off the place. Lee pointing out how amazing it all was. So good to see one of my favourite ever bands get such a great reception like this. Classic songs such as Still Out of Order, The Winner, Kids of The 80s and the closing song which got the singalong of the night In For A Riot.

So with all that still The Last Resort to go tonight anyone in attendance was well and truly spoilt. Again a band on fine form and Roi sounding superb with his distinctive  oi vocals. A fine mix of old and new in this set but everything going down a storm with the crowd continuing where they left off after giving it all for Infa Riot. Classic songs such as Rebels With A Cause really taking me back to the early 80s when I first discovered this band and buying their album at The Last Resort shop. Taking us up to date with the brilliant song and my anthem of course Never Get A Job!! There was some 4 Skins in there which Roi was once the frontman of starting with the excellent ACAB which really sent the place mental. Seeing the place so rammed and going crazy to these amazing songs was really something. Ending the main set with the old classics 2 of their best known songs King of The Jungle and Violence In Our Minds they really performed a quality set which The Business would've been proud to see as the gig was left in fine hands. Human Punk the organisers really did themselves proud with this one. Back on for an encore Skinhead in Stapress kicked it off always one of my favourites that one as I once was a skinhead in stapress (now just a scruffy cunt!). Bassist JJ Pointed to my Blitz tshirt asking where I got it said he had one in the 80s. I know I got it online but can't remember now where! he said he'd swap it but Roi! said he'd nick it haha!! So Then joined by a few others onstage they did a version of Suburban Rebels for Micky which was a bit all over the place at times but done in great spirity and fun to see. Ending the set with another 4 Skins classic Chaos. A perfect end to a brilliant and chaotic night!
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Years & Years - Brixton Academy - 27/10/15 [Nov. 1st, 2015|01:51 pm]
John Marshall

Since my introduction to Years & Years supporting Kylie in the summer I've become a little obsessed with them and playing their LP Communion loads. After that Kylie gig I checked out where they were playing and was shocked to see they were headling Brixton Academy and that it was already sold out! and they already had a number one single under their belt! I had no idea they were already a big band, but then the charts isn't something that I take notice of these days and don't expect something of this quality to be topping it. Glad of course it happened and when pop music is this good I love it. Fortunately then they added an extra Brixton date which also sold out but not before securing my ticket for it!

Can't recall the names of the supports but if I can find the info I will add them in. So the first act I wasn't really convinced by this some bloke mixing sounds and doing vocals over the top. Not exactly terrible and some parts I really enjoyed but for most it was quite forgettable and my mind wandered.

The next band I didn't take to at all. Pop music with some well annoying whiney vocals and a bad version of Britney's Baby One More Time. Was relieved when it was over!

So Years & Years began their set with their album opener Foundation. This song represents everything I love about this band with its dark errie electronic sound showing the diversity of this band if you compare this to their poppier moments. These electroncic sounds thumping so powerfully through the brixton academy to this mostly young crowd. So then comes the pop in the form of Take Shelter. A song I've had going through my head frequently lately but then same goes for every song from the album. Worship is another fine example of this such a well crafted pop song and great words too. Olly has both wonderful stage presence and a fantastic voice fitting each style of music they unleash. From the heavy electronic pop of Desire to their more delicate moments such as Eyes Shut where Olly sits down at the keyboard singing beautifully this is the latest song that I can't shake from my head and neither would I want to. With them just having the one album and every track from it being played the set was still not long enough so there was an addition of a cover of Britney's Toxic and a wonderful version it was too giving it that distinctive Years & Years feel. Really hope they release this. Ending the set with the swirling electronic dance track where Olly duets with Shamir(wh I'd wished had supported tonight instead of what we had!). Soon they are back on for the inevitable encore of their biggest hit King and a song which shows how good pop music should be done. Catchy but superb. The stage show now is over the top and camp and they have drag queens dancing away and later all wearing crowns. full on entertainment so refreshing to see this type of gig.
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